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STOP PRESS….BAGZIT WINS THE AWARD IN ‘BEST INNOVATION IN ENGAGEMENT’ CATEGORY awards technology enables Brands, Rights Owners, Advertising Agencies, and Content Creators to deliver real time second screen solutions to their existing and potential customers in any audio or visual environment.

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Using our technology both brands and rights-owners can deliver dynamic interactive content to mobile devices (second screens), tailored to deliver the creative message to the exact moment of engagement and allowing them to analyze and monetize their products in an instant.


What is on Offer? offers brand owners a quick, easy solution in the secondscreen space, right across all broadcast mediums. It boosts viewer engagement through second screen applications and generates additional revenue through advertising and sponsorship. offers advertisers a unique opportunity to enhance their TV, Radio, Internet and Static Broadcast ads by synching relevant content through the app. It also allows brand owners to gain more insight on user habits and to develop creative second screen experiences. offers innovative ways for brands and products to be advertised while enhancing brand engagement and ecommerce opportunities.


How Does It Work

We at add a code to your audio-file, and the audio file can be ANYTHING, not just music. Our application on the second screen recognizes the code and performs a set action (plays video, displays an offer, shows a redeemable voucher promotion, opens an augmented reality on the device etc..). Therefore the APP instantly and precisely synchronizes second screens with the TV show, Radio broadcast, Youtube channel, Internet Radio Station, Retail or Open Air Live Environment to dramatically amplify the performance of your content by opening new and exiting user experiences and thereby increasing revenues from your content with powerful second screens interactions.


Second Screen Applications

Second Screen applications enrich the content experience and improve viewer engagement by introducing social and personal dimensions into audio-visual content. Our technology provides essential features that dramatically increase the value of Second Screen applications:
  • Automatic content identification
  • Accurate synchronization with content regardless of transit delay, home recording or time-shifted TV programs
  • As our technology relies on recognizing the inaudible code previously inserted into the audio of the content, it is therefore independent from how the content is distributed or formatted.
  • Our App is so powerful that it does not need to be pointed directly at the source of the audio even in noisy environments like a bar or store.
At our studios in Bath, UK we embed codes of imperceptible information into the audio content (sound track) without affecting the audio quality of the original file (it is inaudible). This data - or payload – gives the media assets a persistent identity. It can later be extracted and interpreted by devices to identify, protect, synchronize or monetize the asset. The embedded information survives signal compression and transitions in the broadcast chain. The creative embed does not affect the quality of the recording. The codes are uniquely produced - they can not be copied by any other third party - and are delivered instantly to you without modifying your existing post-production workflow. Simply select your product / brand and all the files transcoded will automatically be embedded with the embedded codes Our system can insert the embed codes three times faster than real time - less than 1 sec OPPORTUNITY (page) Reach customers using breaking technology providing content-rich promotional activity. Provide an exciting call to action event in the palm of your customers’ hands. Push marketing promotions right to your customers an any space with music. Inspire customer loyalty with in-app activity.


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